• Full-time Rails developer @ Workable
  • Part-time freelance Rails developer @ b2bwave
  • Practitioner of Latin American dances (international style latin ballroom dances, salsa, bachata, kizomba)
  • Part time photographer, specialized in event and travel photography
  • Life-long impostor at basically everything, could not be further from a rock-star / ninja or anything of the like

Why me?

I’m passionate about being a generalist, rather than risking tunnel vision by specializing in any single area. Strongly in favor of standing on the shoulders of giants, I try to thoroughly investigate existing solutions or frameworks to address problems, prior to resorting to a custom solution.

Over the years I have become experienced in quite a few software design patterns and generally have a good feel for suitable patterns to use in any given feature. I consider myself a strong supporter of DRY code and Convention Over Configuration. Writing code that is easy to reason about is among my top priorities.

As far as work philosophy is concerned, I cherish a healthy work-life balance above all, since my job is only one of the things I do, not what I am. Not afraid to say no, I’m all for having features earn their place on the backlog. As I read in Getting Real and afterwards verified first hand in the workplace, many problems do resolve themselves or go away if you don’t anything about them for long enough, allowing one to focus on the issues that matter.

I’m eager to work with people who share the same mentality, who believe in working smart over simply working hard and who take the lessons of Cognitive Psychology into account in order to optimize their team organization and daily workflow. I’m also interested in the possibility of remote working, which would allow for increased flexibility, zero commute time and freedom from the bounds of any particular office space.

Current occupation

Senior Web Developer at Workable Software Limited since November 2014. From an initial headcount of 3, the core rails team has now expanded to more than 10, and besides my manager I am currently the most senior member.

Over this time I have gained considerable experience in working on background jobs, Braintree payments, fraud detection-related features, as well as API design for our apps which are increasingly transitioning to SPAs. I have also adopted best practices in code organization, including form objects, service objects, query objects and presenters in order to keep models and controllers a lean as possible and maintain developer sanity.

Given my propensity towards teaching what I have learned, I have organized several training sessions including Rails Best Practices for our junior and mid level rails developers, as well as Rails Troubleshooting for our front-end engineers, product managers and designers who are less familiar with the framework, yet need to interact with it on a daily basis. I’ve also have the pleasure of mentoring several junior rails developer both at my current employer and at Upstream.

Most proud of (professionally)

Becoming a self-taught web developer after 7 years in enterprise telephony using C++ and Java and switching from a corporate environment to the startup scene in the pursuit of further opportunities.


  • Cognitive, Positive & Evolutionary Psychology
  • Asynchronous communication
  • Teaching / Disseminating knowledge
  • Occam’s razor, i.e. simplicity is divinity
  • Quotes
  • Cats
  • Bullet lists


  • Meetings
  • Interruptions
  • Reinventing the wheel

Hall of Shame

  • Have created several Drupal sites in my early days
  • Have used rspec and pretty much enjoyed it
  • Proponent of Google- / Stack Overflow-driven development
  • No open source contributions as yet

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Latest reads

Excited about


  • Build an app with node, golang or anything other than rails to convince myself I’m not a one-trick pony
  • Resume Spanish lessons to finally get that diploma
  • Take up:
    • a martial art
    • a musical instrument
    • meditation


  • Visit Iceland and take photos of geysers
  • Compete in the International Latin category at the Blackpool Dance Festival
  • Drive a McLaren F1 V12 at a race track
  • Obtain a Nikon Nikkor 58mm f/1.2 ai-s or Canon 50mm f/1.0 lens (or both)