I have been an avid photography enthusiast for over the last 4 years.

In the beginning I took painfully hideous pictures until photographers far more experienced than myself taught me the technique of bounce flash. Turns out it’s all about the direction of light and my previous habit of throwing flash in everybody’s faces was not such a hot idea.

Photography genres that currently interest me include: event, travel, potraiture, landscapes and macro. Have been setting up a personal studio and would very much like to experiment with techniques such as focus-stacking as well.

Over the years I have become a real sucker for creamy bokeh and over the top HDR! Some thing magic seems to happen whenever you give a sensor enough light to work with, especially during long exposures…

Current gear includes a two camera body setup (Nikon D810 & Nikon D750), as well as a dozen or so primes. Lately I have been experimenting with manual focus primes and have found that both a fixed focal length as well as lack of automatic focus really help make one’s framing and composition skills more deliberate.

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Little Venice, Mykonos
Little Venice, Mykonos
Bokeh-licious cocktail
Matz & Tenderlove
With Matz and Tenderlove at Baruco 2015
Sandi & Tenderlove
Sandi Metz and Aaron Patterson at Baruco 2015
Oddly enough hand-held shot of the moon