Dabbled my feet into the world of ballroom dances back in 2004. Despite my stature of 2.05m (6"9 for the metric-averse) I have had reasonable success in my latest competition endeavors (my first competition results were admittedly pretty terrible).

However a golden medal still evades me, thus I am trying to step up my game towards that end, or failing that, towards a performance that I can be proud of. Of late, my coaches have really helped me in unlocking more potential in my mechanics, and thus have rejuvenated interest in practising, despite the fact that I have been doing so upwards of 12 years.

My favorite competitive dances include the rumba and the jive, whereas I have a lot of fun dancing salsa and bachata socially. I’ve also taken up kizomba, so to keep up to date with the latest craze, but have been quite challenged by it, since it is rhythmically more free than other dances and takes some getting used to.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to combine my love for dance with photography, thus allowing me to practice both hobbies at once when working as a photographer at social dance events. Whenever I feel like dancing I put the camera down, whenever I need to take a few shots, I pick it up again. It really is the best of both worlds for me and knowing the dances definitely helps me time my shots more precisely.

Mark & Niki
With my current dance partner, Niki
Mark & Christina
Dancing salsa with my friend Christina at a social event
Mark & Afroditi
With my previous dance partner, Afroditi